Twins Are In

Twin sets: outfits with matching tops and bottoms. Business. Pleasure. Power. 

There was a time when I considered Twin Sets to be too cutesy and borderline obnoxious. For most of my adolescent and young adult life I couldn't figure out how to make them work, despite sincere efforts. Let’s be honest, I was probably focused on trying to make the wrong pieces work - stacked high with thick shoulder pads and bad lining. I tried and failed for ages to make them look even somewhat passable but I was doing it all wrong and generally ended up looking like an elementary school portrait from '92. My tune has LONG since changed and twin sets have found their way into my heart and closet thanks to a few styling shifts and the popularity of Mad Men!

If you're not acquainted, allow me to break it down for you: Twin sets are commanding when worn with their intended matching components and ALSO shine when mingled with other garments. We are firm believes that all patterns match - smash up your closet with a friend and stretch your inventory as you experiment with this fun look. Bonus points for going out in public together in your new power suits. 


It's in the details.

One of my fatal errors was neglecting personal ‘up styling’ - pulling the look together with my own little touches. We're seeing these matching sets everywhere from fast fashion to runways - incorporating unique accents and accessories can dress up plaid, give floral an edge or spice up solids. 

Vintage twinsies coming out of the 80’s and 90’s often speak for themselves. Embrace the extra. Some styles might need a little bit more ingenuity and love, but they're generally always great options on their own if you're feeling shy.


Twin it to win it.

Caitlin and I are now both regular wearers of said sets, keeping it simple by trading tops and bottoms, throwing on a leather jacket over or going out as a team and both flexing items from the same set. It's no secret we have fully embraced the twin life - just ask our 5 matching tattoos (and counting...)

Lawless1-ShaunHicksBTS-CK- 2343.jpg
Lawless1-ShaunHicksBTS-CK- 2345.jpg
Thanks to Craig and Shaun for the snaps! Head to our  community page  to learn more about these local photographers.

Thanks to Craig and Shaun for the snaps! Head to our community page to learn more about these local photographers.


The other fantastic thing about putting looks together in this way is that fact that you can get 4-5 outfits out of just a few items of clothing. Ideal for a weekend getaway or when you need to travel light! Or maybe you’re just planning on not being home for a few days because you ended up at an after after party on a riverboat that’s chugging towards North Battleford with no signs of slowing. Anything is possible in a twin set.

The moral of the story here folks is that we love these versatile, eye catching little numbers - now available in all incarnations. They encourage us to be sartorially adventurous but also allow for a lazy, easy to throw together look when we’re not feeling overly inspired.

Hereby we declare, twins(ets) for the win!

Caitlin Varrin