NOVEMBER 23, 1988

Blast From the Past: A November Miracle

Have y’all seen that creepy Jim Carrey movie, The Number 23? Well, I don’t want to alarm anyone but I was born on May 23… May, the 5th month, 2+3=5… my half birthday is November 23… TWENTY THREE AGAIN! Coincidence? Oh definitely. I digress.


I kept these pantaloons on ice for nearly two months; we have a LOT of clothing, clearly. On November 23, as I pulled looks for an upcoming shoot, I decided to pop them on and take a test drive. Voila, a perfect fit to match their perfect condition. I slide my hands in the pockets to get the full effect and BOOM - A RECEIPT!

Well, well, well.

A few months ago (probably on the 23rd of something) I purchased a pair of vintage slacks that still had the original retail tags. This is always a fun find because, as a self-proclaimed ‘tag hag’, it’s exciting to get even more of a glimpse into the history of our beloved vintage pieces.

I always check the label because they are usually hilarious - CITY GIRL, TODAY’S NEWS, WILD DIVA - but to see the pricing and branding of yesteryear is next level special (at least for some nerds…)



My eyes scan the aged paper - purchased at Suzy Shier, Southgate Mall (lol); priced at $27.98 with a $7.00 discount (bonus); paid by cheque (!!!)… the details were darling. But tucked at the very bottom of transaction #21194 - the date.

Wouldn’t you know, the pants were purchased on NOVEMBER 23, 1988!!!


After 30 years, these pants finally got to live their truth. On my stems. Holy shit. Half birthdays DO EXIST!

Note: Big ups to my mum for correcting my math, the original post said 20 years… what. ever. ❤️

Caitlin Varrin