Written and styled by Mecca Keyamah | @jasmin.imojin
Photography: Stefan Legacy |
Model: Grace Taylor |
Hair: Darcie Chapman |
Wardrobe: Lawless Vintage


We out here.

So you’ve found your way into the woods with nothing but a suitcase of your finest vintage and perhaps a team of stylists, photogs and visionaries… and maybe a truckload of hairspray…



Dream Team

On a questionable August evening, a dream team set out to make magic. What started as a summer sunset golden hour beach shoot swiftly turned into a global climate destabilization of unwarranted rain fall and skin pinching winds. On the drop of a dime this amazing crew wrangled and adapted, taking golden hour indoors and improvising with some key Lawless pieces that screamed “back woods diva”. I mean, what else would your closet be screaming…?!


Step One: Tan & Tassel
(- that’s it!)

An outlaw such as yourself needs to feast. Like any disco chic creature of the evening, swipe right into the night and find yourself a strong hunty to trap you something thick to throw on the spit. Remember: you’re a trap queen, not a trapper!

This tan ensemble is a one of a kind find. Wool for warmth, tassel for sass.

… And yes, those boots ARE made for walkin’.


Step Two: Allure

So your “rustic” Airbnb is actually the FYRE fest of spa retreats (sorry Ja Rule). A cardinal rule for any babe, however lawless or flawless, is we don’t got time for no struggle sandwiches or basic beers. Get your booty on google maps, scope the nearest discotheque, and treat yourself to a couple chardonnastys! Your smokey eyes, dewy glow, plump lips, and voluminous hair need to be seen! You look sweet as honey, sugar mama - the locals are in for a treat.

Step Three: Rest and Relaxation

You’re exhausted - it ain’t easy being this breezy! You’ve had a few too many and a two too many tequilas. It’s time to wind down, swap fits and crank the heat. Your hunty’s been busy chopping wood while you were out choppin’ hearts. Curl up to that complimentary wifi and throw another log on the fire. Flame reacts only. 🔥🔥🔥


Slip into something peachy. This airy, deep double slit slip will have the haters rolling their eyes into another dimension. Your followers will be double tappin’ because your side boob is the only thing happenin’ up in this cabin.


A true Lawless babe can make out flawless in any landscape! Evokotise those rustic chic vibes and take a dip in that vanity pool, sweetheart - you didn’t really think we’d be using this wood for a fire?! (aside from the ones in our hearts…) The only smoke your clothes are gonna smell like at the end of this camping trip is that long gone pack of Marlborough Reds.

Serv’m up cowgirls!


Caitlin Varrin