The ladies of Lawless

Founded in 2017, the mission of Lawless Vintage is simple: 

To bring curated, previously loved garments from the corners of attics and the bottoms of trunks to your closet.

Inspired by the Western roots of our home province Alberta, Lawless aims to breathe new life into your wardrobe with old gold, quality vintage. 


Shared Obsessions. 


Dani and Caitlin, the Ladies of Lawless, met hustling at an Edmonton watering hole before you were born. Their rocket to best budness was swift and direct; the pair were drawn together by many common passions. Beyond Patsy Cline, bad puns and deep+meaningful tattoos was a shared love for wild and wonderful articles of clothing - namely thrift scores.

You could often catch the other lamenting "my best friend has the best closet" or spotted together hunting for a hot haul... hopefully matching (in their own unique way, of course) 

Twins are in, you know.


Fast forward 5 years.


It dawned on the girls that it was downright criminal to not share their mania for vintage clothing with the world. And so, one night over a single/several glasses of bubbles and a serious brainstorming sesh, LAWLESS came to be.

A vintage dealin’, fashion bloggin’ champagne-fuelled menace. Yeehaw!


What does Lawless mean to us?


We hail from Edmonton, Alberta, a place that is on the rise in nearly every sense BESIDES VINTAGE (at the time, hello bursting #yegvintage community!) With vintage shops on the decline and Vancouver boutique vintage denim prices on the rise, we decided to take matters into our own hands (read: A LAWLESS ACT!) to bring our favourite facets of the community together over some good old fashioned dress up.

With a focus on local creative talent, we aim to showcase the many incredible photographers/film makers, designers, artists and stylists we proudly call our friends through collaborative events, creations and brainchildren. We value the environmental impact of buying local and preloved clothing while cherishing the stories and history a piece of clothing carries in its threads.


Lawless Vintage is here to connect you with that special piece and, naturally, a new story to carry on with it. 


Danielle Annicchiarico


Caitlin Varrin